God has set aside an amazing adventure just for you.
— Jay

Jay is a professional Inspirational Speaker and Author, who uses his personal story to inspire and move people into their eternal purpose.  His experience and vision influence people to shake off the boredom of a timid Christian walk and begin living an adventurous life that truly impacts this world.

His personal adventure began as a youth pastor.   With over 20 years of youth ministry experience, some highlights were; working with the Department of Juvenile Justice helping young people in the Mathew Project program, assisting the Florida foster care system and fostering many youth, serving in several outreaches, camps, and community ministries.

In addition, Jay’s ministry experience extends into leading as a worship pastor, teaching pastor, and counselor.  His experience, gifts, and love for people has allowed him the opportunity to help mentor other churches and ministries.  He has also assisted in developing programs and equipping Christian leaders.  He is working with DisicpleLife to help churches with systems to promote health and growth.

One of Jay's passions is feeding the poor and helping the homeless. Jay and his wife help run an orphanage in Haiti where they are also adopting children. One of his missions is for everyone to understand their calling in humanitarian aid, by helping hurting people and to alleviate human suffering.  Sign up and go on a mission with Jay today.

"People who harvest grapes leave some for the poor.."  Jeremiah 49:9

Jay has traveled around the world to share his messages and testimonies. His heart is to awaken this generation into abiding purpose and service. He urges people of all ages to act now and stop wasting their lives.  Through his journey and service, He received revelations and visions that inspired him to write his book Leaving the Grapes. He wants to share it with you. The book is available on Amazon or where ever you buy your books.

"If you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved." Romans 10:9.


Leaving the Grapes: God's Call for Us All
By Jonathan "Jay" D. Scutt

Jay is one of the teaching pastors at Awaken Church located in Lake Wales Florida.

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